Diet & Nutrition at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center

Food That’s Right for You

As a participant in the Duke Diet & Fitness Center program, you are empowered to plan your own meals. You will quickly learn how best to fuel your body for effective, sustainable weight loss and feel sated and satisfied—not hungry or deprived.

Your Meal Plan

We want you to take an active role to achieve your goals. The chefs at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center prepare delicious fresh food each day that provides a proper balance of nutrients. Their recipes are low in sodium while providing a rich array of taste sensations. Our expert dietitians provide you with informed guidance about your individual nutrition needs to support your safe and effective weight loss; you will learn the importance of meal balance, portion control, and planning ahead to create a structured eating routine; and you come away with guidelines about calorie levels that promote your goals. And then you make the choices about your meal plan--what you want to eat at each meal every day. You'll be surprised to discover how well and how much you'll be able to eat and still lose weight! The skills you learn while you are at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center you can take home with you to continue a similar healthy eating plan; we even provide all recipes for the meals in our popular cookbook. Check out a sample menu here.


In your first week at Duke Diet & Fitness, you will meet one-on-one with one of our expert dietitians to discuss your weight history, special dietary needs, and any challenges you may be facing at home. We will work with you to help you understand how best to plan your meals while you are with us and, more importantly, how to best utilize our program to help you plan for your transition home. We are also available for check-ins on a weekly basis as you continue through the program.

Isn’t there just one “best diet for weight loss?”

At the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, we closely follow new findings from clinical trials on the effectiveness of diets of different nutrient content. Should you eat more protein and less carbohydrates? Should you limit fat? Since most studies agree that all diets work as long as you stick to them, we allow flexibility of choices. In fact, we have found our clients are most likely to adhere to a meal plan they enjoy.

Read scientific research about different diets and weight loss.

What does a low-carbohydrate meal plan look like?

What does a higher carbohydrate meal plan look like?

What if I have to follow a special diet?

Our kitchen is able to accommodate almost any special dietary need. We provide detailed ingredient information for every dish we serve, and since you are choosing your own meals, you will be able to avoid foods and/or flavors as you wish. Read more about the most common special dietary needs we have served.

Comprehensive Nutrition Education

Nutrition knowledge doesn't end in the dining room at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. Weekly nutrition lectures and group workshops will teach you how to create a healthy, individually tailored meal plan that fits within your lifestyle. Your experience is further enhanced with a virtual grocery store tour, cooking demonstrations, and healthy restaurant dining strategies that truly make this a total immersion approach to learning about how good nutrition can sustain your health and help you achieve your optimum weight. See a description of our classes here.

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