Behavioral Health at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center

Helping you reach your goals

When it comes to successful lifestyle change, the mind is as important as the body. At Duke Diet & Fitness Center (DFC), we will teach you practical techniques and strategies for lifelong weight management, disease management, and healthy living.

7You'll learn to recognize and change unhealthy behaviors, develop motivation, and build self-confidence. You will learn to identify and address barriers to healthy living while building on your existing strengths and knowledge of yourself and your life.

You will also explore the reasons it has been difficult to gain control of your health in the past and find new ways of thinking and acting while on the road to success.

We will help identify what areas are important for you to work on both while at the center and when you return home. We offer multiple activities and classes to motivate, encourage, and inspire you and also help you to locate the resources you need to support your return home.

Individual Services

We offer individual services for a variety of issues that impact health and quality of life. If you'd like more focused attention for stress management, binge eating, self image, and other services, individual therapy is available at an additional cost if you would like to meet with a therapist to work on personal issues.

Personal Coaching Option

The Duke Diet and Fitness Center recognizes the role of support as you continue your weight loss and lifestyle change program at home. Many of our clients have found lifestyle coaching to be an effective tool in helping establish and maintain healthy changes at home.

The DFC provides referrals to certified coaches with years of experience working with DFC clients and who are thoroughly trained in the DFC model of encouragement, accountability, and support.

Telephone, internet, or e-mail coaching options are available to provide individualized structure and support. With its focus on problem solving, behavioral strategies, and overall wellness, this program will help you make lasting changes for long-term success.


Our staff of psychologists, behavioral specialists, and health coaches helps you identify and address the barriers you may face in achieving lasting health and build on your existing resources for improved self-care.

They work with you to develop a plan for total wellness that includes: setting reasonable goals, planning for obstacles, achieving balance, managing stress and emotions and building your personal support system.

The Behavioral Health staff provides individual assessments and check-ins and provides in-depth classes and group therapy as part of your program. For those who so desire, we also offer more intensive individual therapy to help you to explore deeper issues that may be impacting your weight and quality of life.

Kathy Murray, LCSW
Sofia Rydin-Gray, PhD

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