Duke Diet & Fitness Center Staff

Our staff members are specialists in the treatment of obesity, weight loss, and related medical problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other weight-related medical conditions.


Our medical staff specializes in primary care medicine, obesity treatment, diabetes treatment, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and in the management of other chronic diseases associated with obesity. The medical staff provides a thorough evaluation of your medical needs, makes recommendations, and provides treatment designed to move you toward health promotion and disease prevention.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are joined by consulting cardiologists and other relevant specialists, and have access to specialty resources within the Duke University Health System.


Our team of registered dietitians provides comprehensive nutritional assessment and treatment planning both individually and through group instruction, designed to help you understand the role of nutrition in your overall health and weight loss goals. They will work with you to design a healthy, satisfying, and sustainable diet and eating plan that does not leave you feeling deprived.


Our exercise physiologists are certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. They work along with physical therapists and massage therapists, all of whom incorporate the latest in exercise and movement science into their classes and individual sessions. They will help you find a fitness plan that suits your abilities, preferences, interests and lifestyle. You will learn to be physically active in ways that are comfortable and appropriate for you, and can launch you toward weight loss and a pleasurable and active lifestyle.


Our staff of psychologists, psychotherapists, and health coaches helps you identify and address the barriers you may face in achieving lasting weight loss and optimal health, building on your existing resources for improved self-care.

They work with you to develop a plan for total wellness that includes: setting reasonable goals, planning for obstacles, achieving balance, managing stress and emotions and building your personal support system.

The Health Psychology staff provides individual assessments and check-ins and provides in-depth classes and group therapy as part of your program. For those who so desire, they also offer more intensive individual therapy to help you to explore deeper issues that may be impacting your weight and quality of life

We also provide additional support through working with DFC staff at home.

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