Duke Diet & Fitness Center Graduate Program

The Duke Diet & Fitness Center (DFC) programs are designed to help you achieve your goals when you go home. Many of our most successful program graduates return to the center to reinforce learned habits, learn the latest information, achieve their next goals, reinforce motivation, or get back on track.


We continually update our classes and programs to meet our participants' needs. We use the most up-to-date methods to help you achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

exercise-lgDFC clients typically come back for a week or more at a time; two weeks is the most popular return program option, though some returnees elect to stay for a month or longer.

Many arrange reunions with old friends they met here and avail themselves of additional services available at Duke including complementary health and wellness services available through Duke Integrative Medicine or Duke Executive Health Program. Our staff is happy to discuss how these options may be integrated into your DFC return visit.

DFC graduates receive a briefer health assessment, focused on health problems associated with lifestyle and changes in health status from the last DFC admission.

Graduate Program Menus

Before your visit, you can make menu choices and fax it to us. Download the menus and find a menu schedule.

LEARN MORE: For more information or to speak to an admissions coordinator, call 1-888-313-7174 or use our online contact form.