Group Fitness Class Descriptions

At the Duke Diet & Fitness Center (DFC), our goal is to provide you with a variety of classes for all fitness levels.

This is a list and description of various fitness classes that may be offered at the DFC during your stay. You will receive a current schedule with day, time, and location of the classes during your first week so you can plan your workout schedule accordingly.

Gym Fitness Activities

BootCamp: Our most challenging fitness class - aerobic, strength and athletic type activities. Functional, challenging and most vigorous class available. PLEASE NOTE: This class is geared for higher fitness levels with limited modifications.

Cardio Circuit Training: Cardiovascular and strength training circuit designed to keep you moving and keep your heart rate elevated. Modifiable for most participants. 

Cardio Core Interval: Challenge your fitness with this cardiovascular class on the cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, NuStep, bike, etc.). You will be guided through intervals by increasing your intensity by modifying speed, resistance and/or workload. Various core exercises will also be included.

Chair Aerobics: This is a non-weight bearing aerobics class seated on a chair or stability ball. Total body movements are performed in a continuous routine. Flexibility and strength exercises are incorporated. 

Gyrokinesis: Fluid, dynamic form of exercise that increases strength and flexibility while stimulating the body's senses. Promotes relaxation, mindful movement, and ease. 

Kickboxing Aerobics: An aerobic workout utilizing real boxing moves in a shadow-boxing format.

Pilates Core Fusion: A class that combines Mind-body principles (posture, breath focus, centering), Pilates principles (core strengthening and stabilization, body alignment, proper breathing) and bodywork in order to strengthen the body and improve flexibility. 

Restorative Strength: A combination of strength and flexibility focusing on Pilates and Functional Exercise principles. Emphasizing mobility and functionality.

Strength, Balance & Stretch: An introduction to a variety of resistance equipment for the home or the gym. The second half of the class addresses exercises to improve overall balance by using equipment (balance mats/BOSU); final portion of the class is devoted to stretching on a mat or stability ball. 

Step and Strength: A challenging workout using the STEP as main focus of exercise. Combination of endurance and strength with STEP for both components. 


World Dance: Dance and aerobic choreography incorporating zumba, hip-hop, samba, salsa, meringue, martial arts and belly dancing.

Pool Fitness Activities

Aqua Aerobics: An aerobic workout in the pool utilizing various moves for the lower & upper body.

Aqua Circuit: A cardiovascular and strength training circuit designed to keep you moving and keep your heart rate elevated. Modifiable for most participants. Stretching will be a focus on the final third of each workout. 

Aqua Power & Strength: Cardio & strength interval workout utilizing all depths of the pool and aquatic equipment.

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