About Duke Diet & Fitness Center

Established in 1969, the Duke Diet & Fitness Center (DFC) in Durham, North Carolina takes an “immersion” approach to obesity treatment, weight loss, and lifestyle change.

Sensible Weight Management

The DFC’s sensible approach to weight management promotes positive lifestyle changes. The changes that our clients adopt reduce unhealthy body weight, increase physical fitness, and improve overall quality of life.

Our multicomponent approach helps you to:

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other weight and fitness-related health conditions
  • Reduce disability from arthritis and chronic pain
  • Build endurance, mobility, strength, and conditioning
  • Achieve a healthy, balanced, and sustainable eating and activity plan
  • Manage stress and emotions, improve mood and overall quality of life
  • Change the way you think about diet and exercise and adopt time-tested strategies to maintain your progress after you leave the DFC

classroom-learning-4-lgPeople often begin to see results quickly. On average, patients lose 5 percent of initial body weight (often more), and see improvement in physical fitness and other measures of health and wellness during the core four-week program. Those with abnormalities on admission usually note improvements within days to weeks in such things as diabetes including blood sugar control, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels .

Our patients boost their motivation, gain confidence, and learn skills to make changes that will endure. A study of DFC participants showed that after one year, 80 percent of participants had maintained and/or continued to lose weight and 85 percent reported significant health and quality of life improvements.

Getting Serious About Your Health

Our residential-style program is not for everyone. It requires a significant investment in time, money, energy, and personal commitment.

While we provide a comfortable facility with a warm and supportive ambience, excellent food, and amenities such as massage therapy, the Diet & Fitness Center is not a spa. This is a place for folks who are serious about charting a new path to obesity treatment and better health.

Our clients take comfort in knowing that our program is part of the world-renowned Duke University Health System.

We are uniquely equipped to assist those with medical issues that are commonly linked with overweight and inactivity, such as heart disease, diabetes, disturbed sleep, pain and arthritis. Our physicians, psychologists, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists, and other staff are expert in the assessment and management of such problems.

Our facility is accessible for those living with handicaps. When needed, Duke’s vast health care resources can be readily accessed for the benefit of our patients.

LEARN MORE: For more information or to speak to an admissions coordinator, call 1-888-313-7174 or use our online contact form.