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The Duke Diet & Fitness Center's approach to weight loss and optimal health is based on this core principle, and it has been the cornerstone of our success for more than 40 years with more than 50,000 clients.

The DFC holds the international gold standard of excellence for residential-style weight loss programs.  The core program includes a multiple-week stay; graduate and additional programs provide ongoing support as needed. 

Click a program for a general description of our options. Clients who are unsure how much time to allow for their DFC experience are invited to discuss their needs and goal with our admissions staff or treatment staff. We will be pleased to guide you in your decision.




Multiple-Week Program
Our four-week program is our most successful, and it is recommended for first-time particiants who have more than 30 or 40 pounds to lose and who may have associated health conditions.  For those who are unable to attend for this length of stay, two-and three-week programs are also available, tailored to your needs and goals.  Clients participate in day-long activities on the premises of the DFC from Monday through Friday, and arrange for residence at local hotels. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks, are provided during the week.  On the weekends, our facility is open for gym and pool exercise options for those who have received exercise clearance, and breakfast and lunch are provided.  Weekend dinners offer an opportunity to practice the skills clients learn during the week by eating at a local restaurant, or choosing one of our to-go dinner options.  The unique combination of intensive residential-style experience and on-your-own practice provides you with the opportunity to develop real-life strategies and habits in a supportive, safe environment before returning home. 

One-Week Program
If you have only a limited opportunity to get away, we offer a one-week program that provides a thorough assessment and recommendations for your treatment. Helps you understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to learn and practice new strategies and habits for life and to begin to see health benefits; our most popular and recommended for first-time participants



Extended Stay
For participants who have completed the four-week program and would like to stay longer, they may purchase an extended stay on a weekly basis for up to a total three month-stay. Particularly beneficial for those who are severely affected by obesity and lack of physical conditioning and will benefit from prolonged and intensive treatment

Family Member Support Program
For close friends and family members who do not struggle with weight themselves but wish to visit the Diet & Fitness Center to learn how to support your new lifestyle

Graduate Program
A wonderful way to reinforce your program, get back on track (if needed) and learn new strategies for staying healthy

Continuing Support
A range of services after your stay, such as lifestyle coaching, and ongoing informational newsletters

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