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A Letter of Gratitude to the DFC Team

December 26, 2019

Dear Dr. Yancy,

I am back at home and getting up to speed with work, so this show of gratitude comes a few days late.  First, I would like to thank you, directly, for leading such a wonderful organization and group of people.  We all know that a great organization personifies its leader.  So often so clearly we can see examples of teams succeeding and failing because of leadership.  In the DFC, the example is of complete success.

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Duke Diet and Fitness Center Success Story
My experience was beyond my expectation.

An Experience Beyond Expectation

My experience was beyond my expectation.  The facility was very adequate and very comfortable.  The different areas of the DFC provided everything I felt that I needed.  The lecture or class areas where spacious, clean and well organized.  The areas for fitness had all of the equipment needed and working perfectly.  The entrance and social areas, as well, provided enough space and comfort to spend time with oneself or with others.  

Expert Care

The instructors clearly understood the subject matter.  The informational material was clear and abundant.  The meeting times or the daily agendas were precise and everything worked flawlessly.  I was able to participate in everything and did not feel I missed any opportunity to be part of every aspect of the program.  

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Duke Diet and Fitness Center Success Story
David Di Bono quote about the DFC team

Unparalleled Medical Guidance

The medical aspects of the experience, also, helped immensely.  I do feel more comfortable and I am more proactive about the medical part of fitness and health.  I understand more of the exams and a healthy functioning of the body.  I feel fortunate to have experienced the program at the time I did and feel I have the information and tools to avoid unhealthy affects of poor diet or no fitness.

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Heading in the Right Direction 

Today, I am at 213 lbs* and I know I will continue to improve because I have the support of the DFC.  The DFC is now part of my life.

With the most sincerest and best regards,

David Di Bono, 2019 DFC Client

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*Individual Results May Vary

Some elements have been edited for clarity. 

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