Portion Control: Why is it so important?

Written by Kyrstin Draney, dietetic intern at Meredith College.
Picture this: you’re out to eat, trying to make a healthy choice about what to have for dinner. You say “no” to the special of the day: creamy shrimp Alfredo, and quickly flip past the burger section of the menu. With much thought, you find and order the roasted chicken, served with sweet potatoes and veggies. You’ve got it! 

The POINT isn’t always THE point… Trigger Points

Written By Brian Housle, MED, MS - Senior Exercise Physiologist

5 Key Facts (And a Few Myths) About Low Carbohydrate Nutrition: Ketones

Written by Dr. William S. Yancy, Director, Duke University Diet and Fitness Center
Ketones at levels typically seen during low carbohydrate eating are a signal of fat burning

Flavor Up Your Fall Vegetables: 4 Easy Ways

Written by Nikki Kuhlmann, Dietetic Intern at Meredith College


Written By Brian Housle, MED, MS - Senior Exercise Physiologist


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