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Build the Perfect Smoothie

A while ago we published an article on smoothies; here is an update with even more tips!
A smoothie is a great option for a quick and healthy meal or snack. But, beware…if you aren’t careful you (or that smoothie bar) can pack in a lot of calories without realizing it! When prepared with the right ingredients, a smoothie can be well-balanced - packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fat.  
Every smoothie should include a source of protein, fruit and/or vegetable and a healthy fat if desired. 

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Build a Better Breakfast

Written by Christina Proch, Duke Dietetic Intern, Spring 2015.
If you’re like many people, making yourself eat breakfast can be a challenge. Common excuses include lack of time, lack of appetite, wanting to avoid weight gain, and not liking breakfast foods, among others. [1] But don’t fret: by planning ahead and stocking your kitchen with the basics, you, too, can overcome your breakfast barriers and learn to enjoy what is often referred to as “the most important meal of the day.”

Make a Plan for Dealing with Temptations by Dr. Sofia Rydin-Gray, PhD

What are you going to do when you’re faced with tempting foods and you’re not actually hungry? It often isn’t enough to wing it and rely on willpower or self-control and to just “say no.” You may end up feeling deprived and mentally exhausted, and then you’re more likely to give in to the temptations and possibly overeat. What can you do instead? We suggest you make a specific plan ahead of time that keeps you focused on healthy options and behaviors, rather than merely resisting a craving.

Quick Eating Out Tips by Dr. William Yancy

One of the most difficult things to do for people watching their weight is attending social gatherings. Whether it is a dinner party, a wedding or birthday party, or a gathering with clients or fellow workers. Social gatherings are difficult because we do not want to be rude to our hosts or disrupt the social atmosphere. And we do not want to go hungry either. It is easy to tell oneself (or even hear from another attendee), “It’s only this special occasion,” but these events happen frequently in our lives can derail our efforts to keep our weight down.

Summer Fitness Tips by Brian Housle

It’s the summer – Vacation Time! When we like to travel, spend our time relaxing, and enjoying the nice weather. It’s also the time when weather is usually fairly hot, and humid. Some of us just don’t do well in the heat/sun of summer, not to mention we like to spend our time doing other things.


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