About The “Mindful Eating” Class

Written By Elisabetta Politi, RD, MPH, LDN, CDE - Nutrition Director
When Mary Christie attended the “Mindful Eating” class on her second week of her DFC program, she was not quite sure what to expect.  It was noon and the instructor started by giving a brief introduction on hunger and fullness.   Next, participants went to the cafeteria to get their lunches and brought them back to class. 

The Unhelpful Diet Mentality and Ways to Succeed

By Sofia Rydin-Gray, PhD, Behavioral Health Director

True Nourishment

Written by Kathy Murray, LCSW - Psychotherapist and Integrative Health Coach
As children, many of us were comforted with food when we were upset.  Many of us also learned to associate food with fun and pleasure, and a reward for doing something difficult.  So now, we use food to meet basic needs for self-soothing soothing and pleasure.      If we can pause for a second before we impulsively dig into something we crave, and ask ourselves what we’re really needing, we would have more options.

John Found the Time, Energy and Knowledge to Make Healthy a Way of Life

John Cotter of Apex, NC, talked about losing weight for years. “You tell yourself you need to lose weight, but finding the motivation is difficult,” he says. “It’s just so easy to pick up takeout on your way home or stop by the bagel shop in the morning. These habits are hard to break.”

How FIT should I be?

By Brian Housle, MED, MS - Senior Exercise Physiologist
A common question is how fit (how strong, how flexible, how aerobically fit, what weight) should I be? There are standards available to give you a quick reference to know if you stack up to other people in your age group, etc.


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Take the First Step Today.

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