Just Hit Pause

Written by Steven A. Price, Behavioral Health Intern, Liberty University
There are many resources and techniques available to the clients that come to the Diet & Fitness Center, and we address many of those each week. One technique that we promote is simply to hit pause.

Holiday Survival Guide

By Dr. William S. Yancy, Jr., MD, - Program Director

On average, Americans put on nearly 2 pounds a year, with approximately 75% of this occurring around the winter holidays. This translates into about 17 pounds of holiday weight gain over ten years and 35 pounds over 20 years. And the amount of weight gain is greater for people who have a weight problem to begin with. For many people, this means that preparing carefully for the 6 weeks of winter holidays has high potential for keeping weight off.
Here are some tips:

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Join us for a Cooking Class!

We have exciting news to share. This weekend, we will be partnering for the first time with renowned Chef Amanda Cushman to provide a healthy cooking class open to those in the local community!

Hidden Hungers in Emotional Eating

Written By Kathleen Murray, LCSW
Very often the perceived hunger that drives emotional eating is driven by a hunger to get important emotional needs met.  If we could identify those needs and find other strategies to meet them, we could reduce the need to eat emotionally.  Here are some suggestions:

Fall Fitness Trends

If you’re trying to decide on something to ask Santa to put under your tree… or something you’d like to give someone for the holidays, think about what will probably be the hot fitness trends for 2016. Fitness trackers are NOT going away, and are predicted to be the Number One trend in 2016, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. The other continued hot topics for the upcoming year are high intensity interval training as well as strength training, which have been the center of attention recently.


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