Vegetarian Protein: How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Written by Olivia Sorbo, Nutrition Intern at Duke Diet and Fitness Center and undergraduate student at Elon University
For many vegetarians who are trying to lose weight, it can be a challenge to reach the recommended amount of protein per day (70 grams minimum is recommended during weight loss).

The Low Carbohydrate Diet

Written By Dr. William S. Yancy, Jr., MD, Program Director
The Duke Diet and Fitness Center (DFC) is adding another dietary approach to its repertoire: the low carbohydrate diet. The low carbohydrate diet is actually the first known diet used for weight loss. It was prescribed for William Banting by Dr. William Harvey of England in the 1860’s.

The Incredible Egg – 3 no-fuss techniques

Written by Christine Tenekjian, MPH, RD, LDN, Dietitian Clinician at Duke Diet and Fitness Center
Eggs are a nutrient and protein-rich, filling and relatively low-cost food that can be a great staple for any meal. But too many folks insist they don’t have enough time (in the morning) to prepare them. Everyone knows you can boil a bunch of eggs and eat them over the course of a week or so (you DID know that, right??) Well that’s great and simple, but it gets pretty boring. Here are 3 more easy ways to enjoy more eggs any day!

Be a DIY Decathlete

Brian Housle, MED, MS - Senior Exercise Physiologist
The summer Olympics are coming up in just over a month, and the track and field DECATHLON is one of the events that typically catches the imagination of the world. Athletes from all over the world will attempt to excel in a variety of skills to earn the label of “World’s Greatest Athlete”.  The training approach of these individuals is unique – devote time to rehearse and improve their ability in 10 different tasks, rather than the laser focus of other athletes who train for just one skill.

Embodied Motivation

Written By Kathy Murray - LCSW - Psychotherapist and Integrative Health Coach
Many people start weight loss programs for the very good reasons of “better health,”  “better fitness,” or “getting more control over my life.”     These are very good reasons, but they may not be enough to keep people motivated over the long term.  It is too easy for the stress of life, competing priorities and other life events to override that good intention – making us feel we can put it off until tomorrow.


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Take the First Step Today.

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