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Mixology 101: Maximize flavor, minimize sweetness

This isn't your typical mixology course. The goal is to create a beverage with incredible taste & aroma, but without the excess calories of a sugary or alcoholic beverage and without the excess sweetness of artificial sweeteners. We know drinking calories is not conducive to healthy weight management, and artificial sweeteners are looking more suspicious as more research comes out.

So, what to do?? We held a great event here at the DFC recently to show off just how much you can do without calories or sweetness. Here are the keys:

Step 1: Choose a calorie-free base beverage
• Water or seltzer (cold)
• Brewed green or black tea or coffee (hot or cold)

Step 2: Choose your enhancement(s)
• BEST CHOICES: No calories and no artificial sweeteners: flavor extracts*herbal tea bagsfruit/veggie slices, herbs (mint, basil), spices (cinnamon stick, clove, nutmeg, cardamom, fresh ginger)
• GOOD CHOICES: Minimal calories: a splash of juice, cider, wine, liquor, milk/cream or other caloric beverage; cocoa powder (dissolves in hot liquid)
• LAST RESORT: Calorie-free sweetness: crystal light or similar flavored powder or liquid; artificial sweetener packets


*We got our flavor extracts from Bakto Flavors. They're also on Amazon.

Step 3: Mix it up and enjoy! Repeat with a new combination.

Need some help getting started? Try these inspirational ideas:

"Tropical Dreamsicle"
Seltzer (or water) with a splash of orange juice and a few drops each mango, banana and vanilla extracts. Ginger might also taste good in there.

"Herb n Berry Blast"
Water (or seltzer) with mint and/or basil and mixed frozen or fresh berries and/or berry extracts

"I can't believe it's not Irish Coffee"
Coffee with a few drops chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and/or vanilla extracts, and a splash of Irish Cream or half & half

"Creamy Choco-Mint Tea"
1 black or green tea bag + 1 mint tea bag with a few drops chocolate (and maybe vanilla) extract (and/or cocoa powder) and a splash of milk or half & half




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