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Couple Takes Back their Lives with Optifast® Weight-Loss Program

January 31, 2020

Michael and Sandy Trull have tried many weight-loss approaches, but they found their greatest success with the Optifast® program at Duke Diet & Fitness Center

The Trulls struggled for decades with weight loss and health problems that come from being overweight. The couple knew they had to leave their comfort zones and let go of unhealthy habits. They looked to the Duke Diet & Fitness Center and its Optifast® program to take back their lives, and it worked. 

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DFC Optifast Success Story
Michael Trull before he lost over 200 pounds and after he took back his life with Optifast® at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center.

The Optifast®  program helps you build a safe weight-loss plan just for you. Offered in a nine or 18-week format. It includes a meal replacement strategy and a multitude of additional benefits: 

  • Weekly support groups and check-in. In moments of great change, support is important, and having others who can relate is everything. 
  • Education. Every week classes, workshops, and professional talks about nutrition, behavior, and fitness help shape healthy changes.  
  • Use of the gym, pool, and classes. The Duke Diet & Fitness Center has the latest fitness classes, activities, and equipment to inspire you to get stronger. 
  • Experts. Your health team includes a provider, dieticians, behavior experts, and trainers. They’ll help guide, teach, and believe in you so you can reach your goals and take back your life. 
  • Aftercare. For as long as you need, you are welcome to attend group support visits. 
Download the Optifast Program Guide

Q. Why did you decide to enroll in the Optifast® program?

A. few years ago, I heard an advertisement for the Optifast® program being offered through the Duke Diet & Fitness Center, but I was doing so much at the time; I was not in a position to undertake the commitment. But once we had moved into the house we had built, Sandy and I were both ready to work on losing weight and felt the Optifast® program would be the best approach for us.

Optifast Weight Loss Program at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center

18 week Average Weight Loss in the optifast program at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center
Client may lose an average of 36 pounds in the Optifast program at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center

Q. Can you share more about your experience going through the program with your wife?

A. Going through this with Sandy was so much easier than doing it alone since our lives are so intertwined. Making the lifestyle change needed to adhere to the Optifast®  program is difficult and undertaking it with Sandy helped me not feel alone and isolated. And since it's only the two of us, the temptations of meals and snacks being eaten in and out of the home are mostly avoided. 

Q. What benefits were provided by the full meal replacement diet?

A. Simplification! Nothing to figure out. Simple to follow. And fast. It’s amazing how much time was freed up following the Optifast® program rather eating meals each day.

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Q. What would you tell someone who is considering a meal replacement program but is not sure?

A. Each of us must find the weight loss program that works best for us, and I have found that Optifast® is the one that works for me. It’s true that I will have gone through Optifast® at least three times, but that’s only because I needed to lose 375 lbs. And with two rounds completed, I’ve lost a little more than 200 lbs. in less than a year. Something I have not done with any other approach.

Your health journey is your own, and you only have one body. Take the first step to lifelong wellness. Participants at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center Optifast®  program lose an average of 18 pounds at 9 weeks and 36 pounds at 18 weeks! Participants may also exercise and receive personal training at our facility during the Optifast program. And long-term follow-up after the Optifast®  program is available with our medical providers, dietitians, and behavior experts. If you are interested in hearing more about DFC's Optifast program, sign up to attend a Tasting Event or call 1-800-235-3853 or visit Duke Diet & Fitness Center - Optifast and take back your life today.

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