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Does Sleep Affect Your Exercise?

Have you ever thought that sleep can help your exercise routine? The answer is YES! There is a proven correlation between sleep and exercise, with each one impacting the other. When individuals do not have adequate sleep, it can result in poor exercise performance and even weight gain. The converse is that there is evidence to support that having good sleep can result in more productive exercise, as well as exercise helping to improve sleep quality..

 Does Sleep Effect Your Exercise?

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep shouldn’t be considered a luxury, it is something people need in order to function at an optimal level and maintain good health. Humans spend approximately one third of their lives asleep. In fact, not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and depression. Not only does getting enough sleep help ward off these major diseases, but it also helps aid in immune function, metabolism, learning, and other everyday functions. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep needs vary across ages and can be impacted by lifestyle and health. Adults ranging from 26-64 years old need on average 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Not getting the recommended number of hours??? Let’s look at how to fix that!


How to achieve better sleep? 

The good news is that better sleep can be achieved through lifestyle changes such as adding exercise and physical activity into your daily routine. In fact, as little as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise such as walking or cycling can improve a person’s sleep patterns if done regularly. However, timing of exercise is important and varies from one individual to the next. For some people, exercising before sleep can actually throw off sleep patterns, leaving people feeling wired and more energized after exercise. On the other hand, many are not affected by exercise close to bedtime and can actually sleep more soundly afterward. The key is to find when exercise works best for you and your own sleep needs.


Exercise and its effect on sleep

There has been research revolving around exercise and its effect on sleep. A recent study in Lipids in Health and Disease looked into the correlation of body mass index, sleep and diabetes. This study concluded that exercise can help increase insulin sensitivity and sleep quality, while decreasing body fat percentage and the negative effects of obstructive sleep apnea. Isn’t it crazy that just two changes in lifestyle can have such a positive health outcome?!


Overall, sleep can be affected by exercise and exercise can be affected by sleep. Engaging in regular physical activity can help the duration, quality and regularity of sleep. Participating in quality sleep can lead to more energy allowing you to be alert and POWER through your workout. Planning the time of exercise will also be crucial to increase your sleep quality. Limit exercise at least 3 hours prior to bedtime to allow the body to cool down and relax. Remember to always individualize your program to fit your personal sleeping needs. Listen to your body! Planning a structured sleep and exercise schedule will help you become rejuvenated to take on the next day! 

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