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Optifast®, 3 Years Later

We sat down with Roland Beauchaine, a graduate of the Optifast® program, to talk about his experience with the full meal replacement program offered at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center.   Roland lost 61.7 lbs., or 23% of his body weight over 24 weeks, and reversed pre-diabetes.  He started the program in the late summer of 2015 and ended it in January 2016. 

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Q. How did you decide to enroll in the Optifast® program?

A. I was in a race with diabetes and joint problems.  I wanted to find a program to reduce weight in a comfortable and safe way.  Optifast® and Duke seemed to be the right choice.  The program appealed to me because it was not complicated, it provided weekly medical supervision and it included an educational component that addressed how to eat after the program ended.

The transition to real food was easier than expected, as several classes addressed how to reintegrate food


Q. Could you talk about the support you received during the program?

A.  First of all, Dr. Yancy followed me throughout the course of the program, and made me feel safe and cared for.  Second, it helped greatly to meet weekly with other participants; we shared success, struggles and tips to stay focused during and after the program. And last, the transition to real food was easier than expected, as several classes addressed how to reintegrate food back.

 Q. What benefits were provided by the full meal replacement diet? 

 A. I liked the fact that I just had to eat and drink what was given to me every week.   And, surprisingly, after the first few days, I wasn't hungry at all. As I reflect today, I believe the program gave me the opportunity to learn how to eat again.  After eating the way I did for over 70 years, by taking "a vacation from food", I was able to start again with good habits.

After eating the way I did for over 70 years, by taking "a vacation from food", I was able to start again with good habits.

Q. How are your health and weight 3 years later?

A.  My blood glucose is normal and I no longer suffer from joint pain. I recently had blood work with my yearly physical, and my doctor congratulated me on excellent results. My weight is about 20 lbs. lower than when I finished the program.   I have kept my exercise, which I also started 3 years ago at Duke, and maintained it effortlessly. I feel healthy.   

Optifast® is a highly effective approach to weight loss only available at certified clinics. The Duke Diet and Fitness Center has been a certified clinic since 2012. The Duke Diet and Fitness Center Optifast® program includes:

  • Meal replacements (shakes, bars and soups) that are low in calories and provide complete nutrition.
  • Weekly medical supervision to help attain weight loss goals and manage weight-related medical problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Weekly support group meetings and classes led by behavior experts, dietitians and exercise physiologists to help participants develop a plan for long-term success.

Our participants at Duke Diet and Fitness Center lose an average of 20 pounds at 9 weeks and 35 pounds at 18 weeks! Participants may also exercise and receive personal training at our facility during the Optifast program. And long-term follow-up after the Optifast program is available with our medical providers, dietitians, and behavior experts and is typically covered by health insurance. If you are interested in hearing more about DFC's Optifast program, feel free to call 1-800-235-3853 or fill out the form below.

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