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Overcoming Obesity with the DFC

A little over a month ago, three staff members spread the word about the Duke Diet and Fitness Center to the obesity medicine practitioners attending Obesity Medicine Association’s Overcoming Obesity conference in Washington, DC. Attending the conference were Dr. Sofia Rydin-Gray (Director of Behavioral Health), Ms. Dina Lumia (Director of Client Relations, Sales and Coaching) and myself. We met with what is a rapidly growing group of clinicians who are treating obesity in communities across the U.S. The meeting is an opportunity for aspiring or new obesity medicine specialists to learn the foundation of this specialty, for experienced clinicians to expand their cutting edge knowledge, and for all attendees to learn about new products and services that might enhance weight management care. After spending two full days telling Obesity Medicine Association attendees about the life-changing experiences of our patients at DFC, I thought I would tell our patients a little bit about the Obesity Medicine Association.

Three DFC Staff Members at a Conference

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) consists of “clinical leaders…who work to advance the prevention, treatment, and reversal of the disease of obesity.” Those words are chosen by the OMA carefully because the OMA is not just physicians but rather includes a wide spectrum of practitioners. It strives not only to treat obesity but also to prevent and reverse it, which means addressing obesity from all angles, including the 4 components we have at DFC: medical, nutrition, behavior, and physical activity. It also uses other angles to increase the reach of its impact by offering a wide variety of educational resources, supporting obesity research and striving to influence public policy to advocate for people with obesity and practitioners who treat obesity. For example, with the most recent conference taking place in our nation’s capital, the OMA helped organize members from across the U.S. to meet with their respective representatives in order to update them about obesity’s impact on health and health care.

Probably the most useful resource the OMA has for our patients is the Find a Clinician button that is prominent at the top of its homepage (https://obesitymedicine.org). Through this link, you can search for obesity medicine specialists nearby where you live. If you cannot find one in your immediate area, broaden your search to a nearby larger city or to your entire state. Also, checking the box by ABOM Diplomate will limit the search to those clinicians who have completed certification by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, which means they have completed additional education and passed the board exam. I will sometimes do this type of search with our clients when they are finishing up the program if they express interest in finding local assistance to help with their weight management journey. You can do this on your own as well. As we all know, managing one’s weight and health takes a team. We are glad you have chosen DFC to be part of that team.

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