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Duke Diet and Fitness Center Weight Loss Program Rates 

Our "personalized" physician supervised approach to weight loss addresses each client’s unique medical, behavioral, nutritional and fitness needs. With that insight, we help to set goals, identify realistic lifestyle changes proven to prevent and reverse the progression of coronary heart disease and other health concerns, including obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.



Expect a comprehensive medical assessment, an individual health plan and ongoing monitoring by clinicians who take time to listen to your health care needs.


Diet & Nutrition 

Develop a healthy, satisfying, sustainable eating plan in collaboration with a registered dietitian, and learn to understand your nutrition needs and the calorie levels to support your weight-loss goals.


Fitness & Exercise

Masters-level exercise physiologists and fitness specialists incorporate the latest movement science into their classes, and will help you find a personal plan that suits your abilities, interests and lifestyle.


Behavioral Health 

Psychologists and behavioral clinicians will help you set weight loss goals, implement them successfully, plan for obstacles, find balance and manage stress and emotions around food and weight loss. 



Duke Diet and Fitness Center Pricing
Ways to Save
*Graduate rates applies only to program weeks, after a four-week program has been completed.
**Support companion must have an BMI of less than 26.9 and is excluded from all individual assessments, medical testing, discussion groups and some pool classes
***To be considered a graduate you must return within 3 years of last stay and after four-week program fee is fulfilled.


Deposit & Payment Policy
A $500 deposit is required of all New Clients at the time a reservation is confirmed. You may cancel or reschedule your reservation at any time prior to your arrival date during regular business hours weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. A $400 refund of the deposit will be issued if cancellation happens two weeks or more prior to arrival date. A $250 refund will be issued if cancellation happens less than two weeks up to the day prior to expected arrival date. Canceling without proper notification will result in a forfeit of the full deposit and a new deposit will be required to reschedule.
Itemized Billing Available
Upon Request an itemized bill can be provided so that guest may submit to their insurance company for possible reimbursement.  



#1 rated medical weight loss program in the country.  


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With more than 40-year years of experience in delivering wellness and weight loss programs, the Duke Diet and Fitness Center has established itself as one of the leading weight loss and total body health destinations for health conscious individuals seeking a residential style health program focused on natural weight loss.

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