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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway: How to Stay Motivated During the Winter Season

By Duke Diet and Fitness Intern - Marie Peaslee

Occasionally, staying motivated to exercise is challenging, especially during the holiday months. We often discover that it is difficult to find the time.  When we have the free time, we tend to sit on the couch and have a Netflix binge instead of exercising. Although this can be a daily struggle, we usually can find the time during the warmer seasons to exercise. However, the winter months keep us inside, in our pajamas, with hot chocolate, and movie marathons. How do we combat the extra cozy with the exercise?

 Here are some tips to staying fit during the cold days…

  1. Get New Workout Gear
    We all like to look and feel good while we exercise. When you look good, you feel good. Splurge on a new workout outfit, get a new pair of gym shoes, or exercise equipment to keep you motivated.
  2. Make it a party!
    If you do not like to work out alone or feel more motivated with a friend, then grab one! Making exercise a social event makes it more enjoyable and something to talk about. The sky gets dark and the wind gets cold, so having some friends around to take your mind off of the cold atmosphere can cheer anyone up.
  3. Plan of Action
    Hardly anyone exercises without a plan. If you decided to go on a walk when it’s 40 degrees outside and don’t know where you’re going or how to warm up then you will easily decide to stay home. Design a warm-up to beat the cold and go at a time of the day you know works best for you. Some individuals enjoy making exercise the first thing they do in the day, while others prefer to go after work. Pick a time of day that is best for you and write it into your calendar. Do not let anything deter you from your plan.
  4. Holiday Calories
    The holiday season is a time to celebrate. It is also a time of year where we tend to over consume. If you are able to prepare your menu, then plan your exercise to combat the additional calories. Exercise can help with our overall caloric expenditure. It can also help with our nutrition satisfaction. When you think about the holidays and what you love to eat, prepare with exercise. Start planning now and continue into the New Year with your great habits. If you stay motivated through the holidays, then you will not have to deal with the yearly resolutions.
  5. Fit and Fun
    Remember, movement does not have to be exercise and movement does not have to be boring. Personalize a workout plan for yourself. If you like to hike, find a trail nearby. If you want to dance, put some music on or find a Zumba channel. If you like games and competition, find your friends and plan an active game. As adults, we tend to lose our sense of imagination and creativity. Channel your inner child while being physically active. Enjoy this holiday season but first, let us prepare our exercise/movement plan.


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