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Make Resolutions Into Intentions

December 19, 2019

When the holidays end, the parties are over, the travel is complete, and the New Year arrives, many people are ready and eager to make positive life changes. That desire for change is often channeled into making New Year’s resolutions. But if 2020 is the year you want to see big life results, perhaps you should start by making positive intentions instead of New Year’s resolutions.

By Kathy Murray - LCSW - Psychotherapist and Integrative Health Coach at the Duke Diet & Fitness Center. 

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Turn Resolutions Into Intentions
Positive intentions use the desires of the heart to motivate toward change.

The Problem with New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is well-intentioned, but a problematic way to achieve life change. Resolutions are often broken soon after the first month, leaving you feeling defeated and frustrated. Resolutions are very difficult to maintain because they can often come from the “head” and the “should” part of the mind instead of from deeper desires of the heart. For example, resolutions are often focused on outcomes such as, “I will go on a diet and lose 50 pounds in the New Year,” or “I will exercise every day in the New Year and achieve my dream body.” These kinds of resolutions depend entirely on will power to accomplish them. However, research shows that will power is a limited resource and easily overcome by stress. And everyone experiences stress. That’s why setting positive intentions is a better way to reach your goals. 

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The Impact of Positive Intentions

Positive intentions are not the same thing as making resolutions. Positive intentions use the desires of the heart to motivate toward change. Positive intentions focus on a desired positive outcome, which will result from healthy habits, such as, “I intend to have a stronger, leaner body so I can return to hiking and/or tennis,” or, “I intend to have increased energy and well-being by healthy eating,” or, "I intend to have energy for some playful activities with my grandchildren in the New Year.” These intentions are accompanied by a strong desire to participate in and enjoy life, which can support our willingness to make difficult behavioral changes.

How to Implement Positive Intentions - 5 Easy Steps

Intentions are ways we can bring more joy and satisfaction in our lives.  They lead the way to a more meaningful life and a happier future. Here are five steps you can take to set and maintain positive intentions:

  • Visualize and sense yourself receiving your desired outcome. Notice how it feels in your body.  Does it feel light?  Energizing?  Tingly?  Expansive? Joyful?  What are the colors, sounds aromas?  Build a body memory of it.
  • Call up the body memory of this visualization when you feel tempted to eat something off the program or skip your exercise.  What do you want more?  Does the food taste better than this would feel? 
  • Draw a picture of this activity, or clip one from a magazine to remind you of your intention.
  • Focus on this intention daily.
  • Takes small steps each day to create this desired outcome in your life.

Let Behavioral Health Services at the Duke Diet and Fitness Center help you with your positive intentions for the New Year. Collaborate to develop a lifestyle change plan, set realistic goals, plan for obstacles, achieve balance, manage stress, and build a personal support system. Visit www.dukedietandfitness.org for more information, or call 1-800-235-3853 to schedule an appointment today!

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