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Water, Water Everywhere, and Plenty To Work Out In - What Are the Benefits of Water Fitness?

By Jessica Bolz, Aquatics Specialist


Water is something we cannot survive without. It benefits the body with hydration and aids in hygiene but another amazing support of H2O is the three dimensional support it gives to our joints and muscles while participating in water fitness.

It isn’t always easy to move our bodies on land in a way that can benefit us due to restrictions whether they are cardiovascular, or related to orthopedic compromises in the joints, muscles and associated diseases.



The process of exercising in water creates the advantage of combining movement with the unique properties of water such as buoyancy, viscosity, inertia and resistance.  These qualities can make exercises on land that seems difficult to impossible, very doable in the water.



Water BUOYANCY gives us the ability to become suspended so bodies float off the pool floor. This is a wonderful advantage for individuals with hip, knee and other issues in the spine or legs.  We can move the body into prone position (face down), seated position (sitting upright in an “L” or chair posture), or work the core, leg and upper body muscles with zero impact. All of these exercises are enabled with the assistance of buoyancy equipment such as foam dumbbells, noodles, or kickboards.  All movements have the three dimensional support of the water around our bodies.



According to WaterArt Fitness International Inc., “Resistance is approximately 4 to 42 times greater in the water as compared to land movements depending on speed and surface area”. Water’s denser VISCOSITY offers resistance when used with kickboards, plastic paddles, or webbed gloves. These are examples of how INERTIA is unique to aquatic exercise vs. land-based exercise – Resistance without impact.

Water buoyancy also helps to lower your heart rate. Blood also travels to the heart more easily due to the compression of the water, which is 12 times greater than the pressure of air.

Taking our fitness regimen into the water is a wonderful option for all different fitness level populations.  So come make a splash and realize that water can be just the tool your body needs to get to that peak physical form.


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